Why Corporate America’s Store IT is Failing – Rant

Corporate IT Fails

So, I enjoy reading up on companies and understanding why certain things are successful and why others are not. Little independent IT guy study if you will. I also enjoy reading the crazy stuff that happens in our life and wonder why people “trust” corporations that take your Technology behind closed doors to “Fix” a situation. Today I read an Article on BBC titled “Apple Store worker ‘texts himself customer’s intimate photo’ “. I googled this title and found many other news sites that have the same info so please, I insist you do the same as I am not going to share their links here due to trying to keep this site from being ad driven or ooo look I got share links, click on all this junk so I can make a penny. I prefer to make my money using my mind and helping people rather than using click bait BS!

So lets continue on why I think corporate IT is failing. THEY TAKE YOUR PRIVATE LIFE and don’t do anything more than fire someone if they are caught. Companies plainly don’t give 2 shits about you nor do the companies investigate people they hire until it’s too late. Most people that work for or has been in corporate America tend to be gifted with tech degree’s and certifications up the wazoo (Yes, I was once in with the Corporate Clan, I just couldn’t stand going to work with people that don’t get why privacy and security is important) so they can fit in to what they think is brilliance like minded individuals. To me it’s not all about education. Honestly, what is an education without respect or understanding of life around you? Granted not everyone is gifted to the 100th power with a brain like Einstein but we’re not here to be holier then thou, we’re here to learn as well as teach. However; Your life is your life; mine is mine. If you or anyone wants to take pictures of your parts and send to your spouse or partner or that someone you want to impress, great. . We’ve all been naughty, provocative or plain out ignorant at one point in our lives or another and if you haven’t I don’t believe it and if you fail to admit it, that’s on your soul, not mine. This, however does not warrant some kid or corporation to take your stuff and share it.

The fact is these days, who the hell can you trust? Trust is built, given to receive it and it’s obviously not corporate America’s holier then thou “we’ll just hire another guy” as this guy and many more like him is just going to go find another job somewhere else and do the same thing. Especially here in California (CA Civ. Code Sec. 47(c)) where Employee’s can not tell why or what employee’s did if a company checks up on work history, except if it’s sexual harassment but this form of “copy your life if I like something you have” doesn’t fall under sexual harassment so now they will be out to enjoy more photo’s of wives, girlfriends, partners or worse, the next Nuclear weapon in a pencil idea working for Verizon, AT&T, BestBuy or another big corporate name brands that “fix your technology” and take your data without your consent or if you do it’s too late since you’re now checking your phone after you left the place thinking someone didn’t pry into your life behind those closed doors.

I can tell you if you enjoy a tech guy who you can call and explain the situation to on the phone and they can relate and tell you how to fix something without hiding behind doors sending themselves your life or connecting to a computer and downloading your life for their pleasure then I am happy you’re reading my blog. I’ve been taking care of clients like this since before “security” was a common household word that needed focus.

Now, there are those times where I can’t fix it or a tech guy can’t fix it over the phone. We’ve all been there, right? Well, why should I or any tech guy hide behind doors to fix an issue on a device that requires you the owner to identify? The right tech guy fixes things in front of you. If it’s a situation where you the client is giving away a computer for eWaste purposes and the hard drive is in it, it’s the tech’s responsibility to ask what you the client wants to do with the hard drive. For the most part, a true security centered IT guy (like myself) will remove the drive and hand it back to the client without even asking.

Now if it’s a mobile device and you didn’t wipe it then the tech guy should teach you, You could use my write up and Learn to wipe your mobile device or they should do it for you in front of you. The only thing we ask as tech geeks is remove your iDevice from the iCloud via your Apple account. This way your data isn’t linked and downloaded again when reset.

Any who, my small rant is over and if you need help with technology or want to ask a question. Please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.