eWaste Solutions

The proper use of eWaste is to reuse before reducing.

If you are like many Californian’s, you’re probably not sure what to do with that pile or drawer of old electronic goods such as Gaming Consoles, Computers, Monitors, Crestron Systems, Savant Systems, AMX Systems, iPhone’s, Samsung Phones, LG Mobile Phones, iPad’s, Tablets and Smart Devices which is also known as e-Waste that is collecting dust from no one using them anymore.  This is a common problem. Out of the 48.5 million tons that the EPA estimated we generated in 2018, only 20 percent of that was actually recycled. E-Waste has officially surpassed trash, so what happens to the other 80 percent? It ends up in incinerators and landfills which is starting to create issues to our planet including signs in our drinking Water and Our Air.

When e-waste goes into landfills and gets incinerated, this creates a risk for our waterways, soil and air because a lot of our consumer electronics such as TVs, phones and computers contain toxic materials or harmful chemicals like mercury, lead, or other heavy metals.  However, Used electronics also have a lot of value still that most people don’t realize. What may surprise you is that majority of electronics still have life that can be reused in Schools, Religious Sectors and Non-Profits. What can’t be used can be recycled allowing us to recover plastic, aluminum, gold, steel, silver and other metals that can be melted down and turned into new electronics such as the latest iPhone, Latest Samsung Galaxy, AlienWare Gaming PC’s or other Top Tier Gaming PC’s and other top tier electronics we love so much.

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