Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services allows you or your small Business to delegate their technology operations to an IT expert like Brad Chism specializing in IT Services and Support. As a provider in Managed Services in Information Technology, it is my responsibility to help assist your on-site IT engineer or completely manage all of your business and home IT needs. Combining the latest tools as well as technology with industry leading best practices tech support, the main focus is to keep your network and technology running at 100% regardless of your physical or business location.

With today’s world of wires and Wi-Fi, Relationships with Technology has enormous implications regardless of the industry.  With the proper integration of Hardware, Software and network solutions, your workplace productivity could turn from 12+ hour work days down to 4 or 6 hour work days allowing you to reduce time and cost so you are wasting money on individuals sitting around waiting for their technology to do the task it was given.

I am here as a dedicated IT service provider helping and assisting current and future clients to meet their business goals through technology.  I don’t believe in band aid solutions and never put them in place just to “get by” to only return the next day for the same issue. It would be an absolute pleasure working hand in hand with you or your small business and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or text me at 714-883-3016.


Computer Repair and Setup

Brad Chism come to your place or business and help you with your computer needs. Is it a Power Supply? Motherboard? Graphics Card? Or Data Transfer between your old and new system? Or Do you need your new office set up with new PC’s/Mac’s to allow your business to perform the tasks you seek out of your business?

Custom Built Computers

Are you seeking your next Drafting computer? Tomorrow’s Gaming PC? Or maybe bulk PC Build to save money and time creating your next Small Office or Call Center?

Network Setup & Security

Does your office need to be connected or has your network been compromised due to lack of security from an “Expert”. Brad Chism has you covered and will make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Database Management

Need a Database programmed or maintained? Brad Chism focuses on MySQL, MSSQL and Access programming. If you have an older database that needs to be updated or a new idea you want developed, contact me and lets get your idea’s in motion.

VPN Services

A VPN ( Virtual Private Network) allows you to connect Multiple offices or you to your office by securely allowing a hand-shake to happen without other eyes seeing what you are doing. Does your business need top level security or do you need to be better protected with your online transactions?

Game Console Services

Do you or your children have a gaming console that needs to be setup or has it crashed and needs to be repaired?

On-Call Tech Support

Looking for an IT Specialist that can help you when you need it?

Remote Tech Support

Looking for that person that can remotely handle that problem or question you have? Look no further than Brad Chism as most tasks can be handled remotely by you being the hands and eyes while a true IT Specialist can be your mind to handle the in needed issue.

VoIP Service

As much as setting up complicated phone systems and setting up a business to be fully integrated is fun and rewarding, this is where I break the mold. I use a service called 8×8. They allow the simply services with great expand-ability so you can have everything you want out of a phone system and they give you the options to expand when that time comes without paying more for services that should be free. All you need is an Internet connection, they handle the rest of the phone jargon so you can focus on your business.

Software Support

Brad Chism has a wide range of software knowledge ranging from Apple, Windows & Linux. if you have a software package that needs to be installed or looking for help upgrading old software, please feel free to call or send me a message.

Contact me or call/text me at 714-883-3016 with your questions.