Data Recovery Services


Data Recovery is essential to understand to make sure customers like you and businesses know they can get help recovering their information.  In the event that you have tried to recover your data yourself or you have not found a company or individual to rescue your data, I have over 20 years in the IT and data world which has served me well and confident enough to inform you I can give you a 95% success rate with my services.

It is important to follow several rules when planning a deep dive data recovery. Once success has been implemented, the data would be moved to an external drive so you can recover your data on any system.


Success Data Recovery’s have been performed on:

  • – Windows Computers
  • – Mac Computers
  • – Linux Computers
  • – Tablets such as iPad’s/Android’s/Window’s CE
  • – Phones such as iPhone’s/Android’s/Window’s Mobile/BlackBerries
  • – Gaming Consoles
  • –  Routers/Tape Drives and other miscellaneous devices with a drive

Contact me today and lets talk about your data recovery requirements.