CCTV / SECURITY CAMERA — Install Service


Information theft or even damage to your company’s equipment can incur considerable costs. Hence, the need to protect your office, business premises, machinery, and vehicles against theft cannot be overemphasized. This is why the cost of installing an efficient surveillance system for your business is always an excellent investment.

Moreover, surveillance cameras have been found to drastically reduce the risk of theft, damage or incident within the business premises, by having a concrete deterrent effect.

In addition, the installation of a video surveillance system with remote surveillance is an important subject, where adequate security measures and the application of regulations is a necessity.

You can always count on my surveillance/security camera experts and my 20+ years in corporate video surveillance and CCTV installation to offer you tailored solutions.

My approach entails, first and foremost, carrying out a security audit of your structure to determine the security status of your business premises or office. Then map out the relevant solutions, and carry out the installation to meet your security surveillance requirements.

With the cameras linked directly to a monitoring center, the slightest incident is dealt with immediately; the remote monitoring officer in charge will be able to call in a security agent or the police.

Rest assured, we will support you from the audit to the maintenance and updating of your security systems, as well as offer you other custom CCTV / Security Camera installations that you may require. Let’s discuss!!