Privacy violation and the misuse of data is a serious problem for both businesses and customers across various industries. This explains why the need to have solid Internet security and leap toward a more secure website infrastructure by adopting the HTTPS/SSL encryption cannot be overemphasized. A move that’s already been taken by the Internet giant, Google, since 2018.

Moreover, the business world is witnessing a very rapid digital transformation. Hence the need to secure the transmission and administration of internal company data, customer data and other sensitive information, as well as the use of SSL and HTTPS protocols for all your online engagements. The more reason why you need to enlist my SSL / HTTPS solutions for small businesses.

When you partner with me, I will help strengthen your business by:

  •  – Purchasing, installing and setting up your SSL if required.
  •  – Build customer confidence by securing your sites with SSL certificates to reassure your visitors and customers that your site is legitimate. And guaranteeing that their browsing session is safe and that all personal or payment data will be protected and encrypted.
  •  – Authenticate your servers and your sites and encrypt your communications with HTTPS and SSL certificates to reduce the possible risks of man-in-the-middle attacks; by identifying and encrypting all communications between internal and public servers on your networks.
  •  – Ensure that only authorized devices and users have access to your website by replacing or strengthening untrusted passwords, and only enabling identified and approved devices and machines to access your business networks.

As well as other custom SSL and HTTPS requirements.

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