Anti-Virus Suggestions


There are several antivirus programs in the market today that are available for free download or at a charge. And all you’d need to do is to simply run their installation file. They will then be continuously active on your computer, protecting you during your web browsing, when viewing your emails, downloading your attachments, etc. There are however two extremely powerful antivirus programs that I often recommend to my clients — Sophos Anti-Virus and TrendMicro Maximum Security Anti-Virus.

Sophos Anti-Virus is reputed as the leading business Antivirus with artificial intelligence to block advanced viruses, malware, exploits, and ransomware attacks. It also includes some amazing custom features such as:

  •  – Threat detection with its new generation (Deep Learning) artificial intelligence that readily detects and blocks unknown malware before it runs.
  •  – Threat prevention in real-time against new and developing viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, bots, unwanted applications (PUAs) and the latest threats.
  •  – Advanced and powerful anti-ransomware technology protects your personal files and photos from encryption and hijacking for ransom.
  •  – Advanced malware scanning and cleaning performs through scan and cleanup, removing any malware that may have been left behind by your old security software on your computer.
  •  – Remote security management that easily views and manages the computer security of anyone in your network (friends, family, colleague or employee) whether you are within the same location or in another country.

The TrendMicro Maximum Security equally offers great home and Small Business solutions with great savings. They include:

  •  – Powerful and Maximum Security protection that covers up to 10 devices (Windows® Mac® Android and iOS)
  •  – Intelligent Protection against ever-evolving threats across all your internet-enabled devices
  •  – Enjoy secure transactions and perform all your banking online with Pay Guard to verify the legitimacy of financial sites.
  •  – Neutralizes web threats and protects users from ransomware and other online dangers.
  •  – Neutralizes access to malicious websites that could hijack your personal data.
  •  – Give your kids the opportunity to explore the web safely, with time and content limits.
  •  – Optimizes your performance by helping you solve common problems to help get your system up and running.
  •  – Protects you from phishing emails, frauds and scams.
  •  – Easily creates and manages complex passwords and security logins for your favorite websites.

And more!

Whichever your preferred choice, it is important that you exercise caution in your sensitive data storage and exchange online.

You can contact me for any further inquiries or custom requests!