Virus Removal Services

Top Shelf Virus Removal Services in Orange County

A computer or phone virus is a complicated piece of code that can be very malicious causing harm to your computer, laptop or mobile devices. They come in various types and cannot be prevented without proper technical knowledge or Anti-Virus Software installed. The right Anti-virus software is a key solution for preventing a virus attack but they are not always effective at removing the Virus after the attack has taken place. Think of it like changing your oil after your motor blew or getting a flu shot after you got sick.  This is where a key understanding of the device or computer that has been effected is crucial for the correct knowledgeable technician to manually go in and trace down a virus to remove it then install a strong Anti-Virus to stop future attacks from happening.


For simple Viruses, Adware, Spyware I’m able to remote in and fix the issue. For those more complicated viruses such as Trojans, Malware and worms where it blocks internet access or stops remote software from working, this is when I will need to come to your place of residence or your work and fix it on-site.


Have a pesky bug or glitches that repeat and no one seems to figure them out? Contact me or call me.

Remote Virus Removal

This is where we use a program like TeamViewer and you allow access to your system so I can remotely connect and troubleshoot with you on the phone. We’ll go through the steps and you can explain what is going on, then I can take over and get to the root cause so you can move on with a healthy system and with a smile.

On-Site Virus Removal

If remote virus removal doesn’t work then the big guns have to come out and I will come to your place of residence or your business and take full control over the system to fix, remove and if agreed upon, install preventative Anti-Virus software so you won’t get infected by the same bug again.

Virus Questions

Have a question about a Virus or want to know how they work? Contact me.

Latest Virus Threats

Interested in the latest Virus or Security Threats that impact us all?

Virus Software Recommendations

Want a true, non-paid no BS answer on what I think the best Anti-Virus software is?