Computer Repair in Laguna Beach

Brad Chism is a computer technician & network support engineer who strives to provide quality computer repair and IT support services to homes and businesses in laguna beach. Fixing your computer or supplying data recovery services is just a couple ways in the city of laguna beach that Brad Chism can be helpful. If your requirements can be remotely supported then I can also access your computer via the internet using TeamViewer and fix it remotely.

Since 1996, Brad Chism has been in the computer repair industry. Building custom computers, running cable, installing networks and of course removing those pesky Viruses.

If you are in need of a tech support engineer that won’t leave you hung out to dry, please check out my services and contact me today.

My Services in laguna beach Includes:

Call/Text me at 714-883-3016 – Or send me a web message after hours I’ll be happy to assist you during my operating hours.