Cyber Security

A proper security strategy for your Cyber world starts here!

To have a winning cybersecurity strategy, one must not look at 1 or 2 layers, you must look at the entire network and computer structure as a whole. Like building a multi-layered cake. It can’t be “I use strong passwords” or “I use the cloud”. You have to protect every layer of the organization with proper network layers, programs, implemented security features on a computer such as retina scanners or finger print readers or RFID card readers on top of strong passwords and if you plan on being mobile, you must use a VPN if you are planning on using open WiFi networks such as at Starbucks or Hyatt.

All the technology must work together and complement each other to prevent attacks from being successful by security threats. If something is slow at doing it’s job, that gives the attacker or the attack program more time to successfully do its job at getting in and stealing your data, don’t ignore technology, embrace it. Don’t think technology is secure until you have covered every inch and then go back a few more times to see if that hole is truly covered.

You as a User

If you are unaware IT Specialists biggest challenge is getting users to understand and comply with security. Choosing strong passwords, being cautious of email attachments from unknown emails and making sure data is backed up remotely is a small fraction. Using VPN’s to help secure your data, staying off Open WiFi networks or Open Networks such as in Hotels are a small amount of ways to keep you from being scanned and watched.

What you should you do as a business or end user?

This one is big but I am going to list a couple thoughts on most minds and let you decide.

    1. You could do nothing, pretend things are perfect and your life can’t be touched.
      1. This way is the wrong way to think!
    2. You could have taken local advise from the Geek Squad or something and have a simple Anti-Virus installed, maybe use what you would consider a strong password and are simply wanting more info on what more you can do.
      1. This is good thinking, contact me and give me your questions
    3. Have someone like myself with the proper knowledge and understanding of security dive deep into your structure and identify weak points of your infrastructure, computers, hardware, software and see how you as a person or business can better protect yourself and your business to avoid getting hacked and be part of a cyber security breach.
      1. This is great thinking. Please contact me and I will be happy to assist you or schedule a meeting and come by to discuss current setup and how to better protect your environment.