Database Management Services

If you are running a local Database such as MySQL, MSSQL, ACCESS or other databases and are looking to grow your application beyond the old Intel 486 server barely holding on to its last fan then you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you just need someone who considers your business his top priority and understands your database is the heart and soul of your business.

Look no further and contact me today so we can keep your light lit and your business flying with a stable foundation for your database.


Database Programming

Have a new application idea that requires a database? I have you covered. I can create the entire structure for your business or work side by side with a development team to create the base for your future project.

Database Transfer

Need a database moved or switched to an entirely new platform?

Database Install

Do you have new software that requires MSSQL, MYSQL, ORACLE or another database program that goes beyond your knowledge? I can help you install it and get your applications running smooth.

Database Backup

Not sure if you are backing up your database correctly? Hire me and I will be there to investigate, inform and provide you with the solutions you need for backing up your important database.

Database Optimization

Software running slower than a snail? Software having issues “connecting” to the database on the network? I can help fix the problems and give a permanent solution so you and your business can get back on the race track of success.

Contact me or call/text me at 714-883-3016 with your questions.