Why Technology should be used in the Classroom?

Yesterday, I saw my son digging through the rabbit hole of YouTube consuming media. I asked myself, is there anything else technology can do for us other than what it is already doing? Obviously, we cannot avoid technology then how children’s interactions with technology can be made more useful? I did some research and came...

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What is a VPN and why is it Important

What it's like with a VPN or without a VPN

With the businesses becoming more digital-savvy and tons of data being generated every day. New concerns are being raised about how to manage this data and protect them from a third party. No company can afford to risk data breaches and have their private information stolen.  A VPN (long name: Virtual Private Network) is very...

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Cloud Computing & Security Risks

How awesome it is that now you can work and access your data from anywhere at any time. This has become possible just because of cloud computing technology.  Most of the organizations are turning towards cloud computing because of its flexibility model, remote access, and cost-effective approach. It has its benefits, but no one can...

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Why Corporate America’s Store IT is Failing – Rant

Corporate IT Fails

So, I enjoy reading up on companies and understanding why certain things are successful and why others are not. Little independent IT guy study if you will. I also enjoy reading the crazy stuff that happens in our life and wonder why people "trust" corporations that take your Technology behind closed doors to "Fix" a...

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