Why Technology should be used in the Classroom?

Yesterday, I saw my son digging through the rabbit hole of YouTube consuming media. I asked myself, is there anything else technology can do for us other than what it is already doing? Obviously, we cannot avoid technology then how children’s interactions with technology can be made more useful?

I did some research and came to this solution; technology can create an interactive learning experience like no other. Even, it can be more beneficial than teaching sometimes by real teachers and can lift a heavy weight off shoulders.

Classrooms are the best place to emphasize the good use of technology—a place where our children nurture and where they adopt habits. When I said, technology can be more beneficial than real teachers; I didn’t mean to eliminate the importance of teachers in classrooms. What I meant by that using Learning Management Systems (LMS), you can enhance student engagement, make learning more fun, and, more importantly, students can get access to assistance without the need for the physical presence of their teacher.

Today’s children are digital-savvy. Technology has become a part of our children’s lifestyles. We cannot take technology away from them. What we can do is to find a way to make their interaction with technology more useful.

It is time to decide, do we want our children to know some new skills which can help them prosper in life, or do we want our children to consume hours of funny videos?

When we use technology to learn something, we get 90% off everything into our minds by listening to it, watching it, and interacting with it. This figure is a lot better than only memorizing something. So here are some more benefits of implementing technology in the classrooms.

  • – Children can learn at their own pace.
  • – Teachers can come up with creative ways to engage children.
  • – Students demand it & teachers demand it.
  • – A multitude of resources.
  • – No limitations on learning new concepts.
  • – No physical presence required.
  • – More hands-on Experience.
  • – Improved Communication

Self-pace learning has become more popular with the rise of technology in the education industry. Let’s be honest; some students in every classroom have difficulty keeping up with the progress of their class. Self-paced learning is a blessing for them. With this possibility, such students can now keep up with their peers by using guided online courses and exercises. They can learn new concepts at their own pace and practice them at home.

Teachers can benefit a lot from technology as well. Today’s teachers also demand the use of technology in their classrooms. With the use of the Learning Management System (LMS), they can grade exams, can build a virtual learning environment to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing between students and their colleague teachers as well. It can save a lot of time for them; this time can be invested in giving more attention to their weak students. So it has been established, we cannot stop our children using technology in their daily lives, but by using technology in classrooms, we can develop learning and positive habits in our children.