What is a VPN and why is it Important

What it's like with a VPN or without a VPN
What it's like with a VPN or without a VPN

With the businesses becoming more digital-savvy and tons of data being generated every day. New concerns are being raised about how to manage this data and protect them from a third party. No company can afford to risk data breaches and have their private information stolen. 

A VPN (long name: Virtual Private Network) is very important when businesses need to connect their buildings or employees with a layer of protection from prying eyes.  A VPN enables businesses and people to have encryption and encapsulation communication giving them a fast, secure, and cost-effective connection structure through our ever growing open and free WiFi connections around the globe. Whether it’s site-to-site or user to office communication. Connection through VPN is the best way to answer company needs like speed, data integrity, and confidentiality.

Data Integrity:

The main reason to use a VPN is to protect your data from an unauthorized third party. You don’t want an interruption of any third party when conducting business as this may be a breach in any confidentiality agreements and or loss of work due to access being granted to data thieves. During a VPN communication process data is always involved but how you protect customer data, new innovative ideas/source code, financial statements, etc is in the matter of connecting your employee’s through a company VPN or a Free widely used and monitored VPN service.

Virtual locations: 

There is no doubt businesses are becoming more flexible. Many businesses outsource some of their tasks or have employees working around the globe. For Example, if you’re outsourcing your customer support, tech support, etc. to other countries and would like to alter their location as if they’re working from the US, VPN’s can help change their/your Geo Location (which you can view yours by visiting https://www.iplocation.net/) by allowing users to virtually remote into specified virtual private networks and present themselves anywhere around the globe. This is great as you may have restrictions in one located while using a VPN you can remote those restrictions while using the companies IT policy to secure yet break free from current network restrictions.

Easy Management:

VPN enables businesses to manage division/teams effectively. Even if they’re working remotely or you have multiple buildings that need connecting with your main office, VPN makes it easy to manage all of them by a single administrator. That administrator does not have to be tech-savvy, user-friendly admin panels of VPNs can easily be understood by a non-technical specialist (e.g., head of customer support, head of sales, etc.)

VPN for your mobile platform

Where ever we go, a smartphone is our mini way to connect to the world i.e., using social media, exchanging information, syncing your emails, etc.

This becomes high risky because when we on the road, we usually connect to public WiFi networks. These networks are never secure and anyone with the know-how can monitor traffic. That’s why always suggest a company VPN on smartphones but if you don’t have a business or an ability to filter traffic through a secure network, I would suggest using your mobile data as it’s the closest thing to VPN security on the road that you will get.


If you are a business, I would do security audits. I would make sure all employees can securely remote back through the office and be filtered while they travel or work outside the office. If you are unsure or need someone with the know-how to identify and fix your network to allow remote access to happen while securing your data and foundation, please do not hesitate to call and set up a consultation appointment.

If you are a Home User, There are ample free VPN programs out there that can help you be a bit more protected but it’s not 100% due to the platforms being free and these platforms will have hundred’s if not thousand’s of users on the platform and with the right know-how, your data can be monitored. For you, I would recommend if you travel to use your Cell Data or what is called Tethering