Brad Chism The Orange County Guru

Who I Am

I'm Brad Chism a Certified Professional in Cisco, Microsft, Google and finalizing my Crestron Certification. I run a small but precise SEO, Web Design & IT company in orange county to help your business of any level get the best results.

I focus on four activities absolutely required for small business owners to have success online and off: 1) Getting your website to rank as high as possible while finding high value, specific keywords that brings traffic from highly used search engines, 2) Converting website visitors into potential customers or leads. 3) Designing a website easy for users to use and search engines to gather proper Keywords and data for ranking. 4) Creating a simplified office using IT structures and Software to balance business and life.

Brad Chism - Orange County SEO Expert


CleoCMS is a (CMS) Content Management System designed for ease & flexability. This CMS was built from the ground up with a different feel then most CMS systems you find on the market. The reason for this is because I didn't want to follow a basic blog system or a basic portal type CMS, I wanted to design a CMS where any and all types of websites can be incorporated into a well balanced and structured website for a Web 2.0 and beyond world.

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CleoCMS - Content Management System