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The majority of my employment has been in Information Technology and Leadership roles. I became an independent IT Specialist when I found out my wife was pregnant and I decided to be the stay home father. This doesn’t mean stopping my passion in IT or stop working in the IT Field, It means I can be there for my children as a dedicated father but also focus on my passion of Information Technology, Development and Electronics.

For the past 10 years I have focused on the home users and small businesses like yours with helping the small business have a foundation like a corporate machine. Being a stay home father and independent has enabled me to see past the “this is the way it has to be” and given me a understanding that no 1 business is like the same even if they are in the same field.

When you hire me to help grow your business with technology, you get a dedicated and certified open minded IT Specialist that listens to your needs and gives you options. Teaches you about IT and cyber security , teaches you about mobile integration, about cloud computing as well as what it all can mean for your businesses growth and how each technology has its benefits and weaknesses so you can choose with confidence on what you can have out of each technology.

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