Turn Your E-waste Into New Opportunities.

We all know those old , computers, printers and other electronic stuff (known as e-waste) can reek havoc on the planet if tossed into the landfill.

What you might not know is that, by donating it all to a proper E-waste Solutions program, you’ll be providing job training and green jobs to people with disabilities and other barriers--while helping to save the planet. That’s what we call turning your e-waste into a brand new opportunity.

I make it easy to be green by providing a safe and free service to the community, where in turn are able to recycle computers and electronics.

  • Reduce: By making recycling easy, we reduce the amount of toxic materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills
  • Reuse: We repair what we can and re-sell to bargain-driven families in the community who can’t afford the latest electronics
  • Repurpose: What we can’t repair, we disassemble and separate the metals that is in turn sold to reputable state recyclers

True to its mission of creating new opportunities, I've been a ‘green’ business owner long before the term was coined.


We Accept E-waste at No Charge

As a California State e-waste collector we’ll gladly accept all your electronics, working or not. If your business has 20 e-waste items or more to donate, call us and we’ll pick them up — free of charge.

Click here to see what items we can accept and what items we cannot accept.

Community Events Help Clean Up E-waste

I partner with many Orange County communities so that people can easily drop off their e-waste items. On average we collect 25 tons of electronics — items just like those stored in your home or office — at these events.

This e-waste program offers you a way to get rid of all that stuff, easily, painlessly and with a significant up-side. Remember that with each donation, you’re helping people with disabilities and other obstacles gain a way to get job training and knowledge using our E-waste Solutions program as well as many other critical life-changing programs and services. You’ll be helping people — and the environment.

Contact Me

It’s easy being green

For more information about my e-waste events or business services please call:949-478-4041

Pickup & Drop-Off information: 949-478-4041 or via email

View my e-Waste Flier for more information and please feel free to print or email it to those in your community to help support great causes.